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April 15, 2013

The Moon's phases

The different shapes, with which emerge the Moon, during its lunar month, called the Moon's phases. The phases are due the illuminated moon's hemisphere the Sun.

The mainly phases of moon are:
1/ New Moon :
It's the phase, the Moon is hard to be seen. Actually, during the days which start the phenomenon of the new Moon, the Sun and the Moon rise and set almost concurrently.
2/ First Quarto :
Seven days and nine hours later, we can see the half part of the Moon, because it shifts eastward. In this phase, the Sun sets, when the moon is in position spuaring and culminates.
3/ Full Moon :
After seven days and nine hours, too, the moon becomes a full tray. During this phase, we are able to admire the phenomenon of full moon, because it is in opposition
4/ Last Quarto :
Seven days and nine hours after the full moon, the moon comes in the last phase. During this phase, the Moon is in squaring and rise at midnight.

The Moon's phases can be find here
The article has been written by Alexandra Triantapoulou

You could find more images of Lunar eclipse on the website of Daniel McVey

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