Google+ SpaceTravelFoundation: Android Phone satellites sent by NASA down

May 7, 2013

Android Phone satellites sent by NASA down

Dear followers,

few days ago, we said you that +NASA has sent very small satellites called nano-satellite based on +Nexus one smartphone.  During the first day in orbit, the 3 satellites sent pictures taken in the space environment by the CMOS sensor. Both backgrounds received 100%, now receiving medium and high resolution packets.
here is presented 2 pictures received the April 24th.

The mission successfully ended Saturday, April 27, 2013, after predicted atmospheric drag caused the PhoneSats to re-enter Earth's atmosphere and burn up. No one has been able to hear from the satellites since, which confirms the predictions.

The PhoneSat team is continuing to develop the PhoneSats using consumer technology to greatly increase the capability of the satellite whilst developing with a low cost.
A next versions are launching late this year so stay tuned !!