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June 6, 2013

Successful Ariane 5 liftoff with ATV-4

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Yesterday we said you that the European space rocket, Ariane 5, built by +Arianespacewill liftoff from Kourou on the evening. The space launcher had carried with success the 4th resupply cargo spacecraft, ATV to the International Space Station (ISS).  The successful launch occurred as scheduled from Kourou, the Guiana Space Centre at 18:52 local time (23:52 CET).

Credis: CNES

The ATV control center at CNES (French space agency) in Toulouse is buzzing with activity after the cargo spacecraft weighing more than 20 tonnes was orbited. it's a new launch mass record for Europe’s heavy-lift vehicle. The ATV-4 is carrying equipment, food, fuel and oxygen for the station’s crew.

Now, the ATV-4 is slowly moving to the ISS, where it is scheduled to dock on 15 June.

More details of the docking will be releave soon, so stay tune

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