Google+ SpaceTravelFoundation: The dream of Dennis Tito: send its own Mars mission before the end of 2017

November 25, 2013

The dream of Dennis Tito: send its own Mars mission before the end of 2017

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in 2013, the red planet, Mars, was the focus of many news : The rover Curiosity, discovery of water in the ground of Mars the launch of the Maven mission ... But today, the martian dream of the billionaire Dennis Tito is pop-up on the news. 
He has revealed his scheme for send two astronauts (a man and a woman) to the red planet before the end of 2017 or in January 2018. His wishes to send some humans is due to the "rare alignments" of planets which should be exploited as the context of the project which requite a minimal rocket fuel. The mission, called "Inspiration Mars" would be a 501-day US mission to the planet but without landing on its surface.  

Two separate trips would be necessary for the Mars Mission. First, the billionaire proposes that the first launch would involve a NASA rocket delivering the vehicle into orbit that would actually go onto Mars. Next, a second space launch would carry the two astronauts which would later be united with the spacecraft, preliminary orbited.

For this mission, the Tito's organization would prefer use the Orbital Sciences Corporation's new Cygnus capsule which finished its first mission to the international space station in October. In an other hand, they decided to reject the NASA's new Orion capsule which seems propose the mission requirements.

We will propose you more details soon about this amazing project, so stay tune.