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December 3, 2013

A 'second light' mission for the Kepler space telescope

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Few months ago, in May, the research working on the search of exo-planets received a very bad news from the US space telescope Kepler.  Actually, the +Kepler Space Telescope  was down due to a malfunction of a mechanism which allows the telescope to focus on a given point in the sky towards.

However, now, Engineers from the Kepler mission and Ball Aerospace have developed a way of keeping the stability of the spacecraft. The solution is based on the pressure provide by the Sun on the surface of spacecraft. 
based on this solution the second life of Kepler will be start. The US space telescope which has increased the discovery of new planets since 2009 is the first telescope dedicated to the search for planets sisters of the Earth in other solar systems in our galaxy, the Milky Way. So far it has detected 2,740 potential exo-planets which 122 were confirmed to the day using telescopes and other equipment.

Credit: wikipedia

In last April, astronauts had announced the discovery by Kepler, two exoplanets with the greatest similarity to Earth ever recorded and where water could remain liquid and potentially allow life to exist.

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