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September 5, 2014

ISS's astronaut point of view

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This week, the +NASA astronaut Reid Wiseman from the Expedition 40 tweeted this photo from the International Space Station: "My favorite views from #space – just past #sunrise over the ocean,".

Credit image: NASA/ +Gregory Reid Wiseman

The Expedition 40 crew has been busy aboard the Space Station, recently performing health checks and humanoid robot upgrades. In the same time, a trio of orbital residents is packing up gear as they prepare to come back to home in less than two weeks. 
Commander Steve Swanson powered down and stowed Robonaut 2 after wrapping up its mobility upgrades this week. He installed new legs on the humanoid robot including external and internal gear as well as cables. This sets the stage for more upgrades in the fall before Robonaut takes its first steps as an assistant crew member. 
Robonaut was designed to enhance crew productivity and safety while also aiding people on Earth with physical disabilities.

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