Google+ SpaceTravelFoundation: 2013-10-13

October 18, 2013

A piece of the meteor fallen in Russia in February 2013

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few months ago (February 2013), a large meteor fell in Russia induced an amazing fireball in the sky. Yesterday, the Russian authorities find a piece for this meteor in a lake. Actually, the meteor had created a 6-meter-wide hole in this frozen lake.

Source: AFP

October 16, 2013

International Space Station 15/10/2013 from Worcestershire, UK

Credit: +Sarah Fisher 

ATV4 report mission for week 42

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on June 15th, the ATV Albert Einstein has arrived at the International Space Station, making a successful rendezvous and docking. After 4 months docked to the international space station, the last steps of the ATV-4 are planned before to undock (October 28th) and reentry (November 2nd) :
  • 17 October: Cargo transfer
  • 17 October: ATV Proximity Communications Equipment (PCE) installation on board ISS
  • 18 October: Cargo transfer
  • 19 October: PCE test between ISS and ESA ground stations

Sources: +European Space Agency, ESA 

October 15, 2013

Fireball from a meteor over Maryland and New Jersey, USA

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today, the +American Meteor Society indicates that they received 63 reports of a fireball over the state of Maryland and New Jersey during the night on October 14th 2013 around 8:25 pm

A preliminary trajectory plot shows the meteor entered over New Jersey and flew on a north east trajectory, ending somewhere in or near Lancaster County in Maryland.

NGC 33 sculptor galaxy taken from Agentina